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Helping shareholders to

Maximize Their Investment Potentials

GMCI Corporation (GMCI) is an investment holding group incorporated in Nevada, United States with valuable assets in the form of companies acquired throughout the Asian region, focusing on 6 main sectors deemed to be sustainably profitable, providing consistent attractive returns to its shareholders.

In addition to maximizing shareholders’ returns, GMCI has also appointed a Trustee Corporation to safeguard shareholders interest by binding them to a Trust Deed. This ensures that the funds are fully protected and being utilized for intended purposes.

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The sector is currently focusing on large scale mining of major minerals such as gold, bauxite, iron ore, and coal.

Property Development

The Malaysian property development sector boomed in the past few years, despite a slow-down experienced in last two years.


The Malaysian manufacturing sector output has been consistently registering positive growth.

Beauty & wellness

Wellness is the wave and lifestyle trend of the new millennium and Malaysia should seize every opportunity to become the wellness destination.


Malaysia’s education sector has grown tremendously during the past decade and is fast becoming a centre of educational excellence in the region.

Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) is the key for many businesses to expand globally.

What we do



Our purpose is to

Make a Difference

At GMCI Corp, we are united by a clear Purpose and Values. Our purpose is to make a difference from the ground up by developing high quality natural resources in a way that improves people's lives, now and for generations to come.

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How we do



Strategies &

Risk Management

Time has always proven to mankind that the greater the challenge is being overcome, the sweeter the success it will be.

GMCI Corporation is that company.

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01 /
Balance of risk and return

The top priority would be to protect our investors’ interest first, returns later

02 /
Understanding of macro & micro economic conditions

A common-sense approach of understanding them is an important part to assess the risk of every investment decision

03 /
Foreign exchange concerns & transportation/delivery of goods & services

This problem is directly correlated to the transportation/delivery of goods & services and unfortunately, this is not the only problem




07 Mar 2017      GMCI

DEWS Ipoh Outlet Launch

Biosecret Beauty Wellness (Bio Wellness), a member of GMCI Corporation together with Era Estetika, officially have launched the De Era Wellness Specialist (DEWS) Signature Outlet in an exclusive site of Bercham, the first and largest aesthetic spa in Ipoh on the 7 March 2017. About 100 respective guests attended the launch.  

Combining stunning interior design, the latest aesthetic equipment and technologies with professional team of aesthetic doctors and therapists, DEWS is now offering its advanced aesthetic and wellness services.

During the launch,...

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14 Mar 2017


Dear GMCI Shareholders,
During the last week, GMCI's management has received...

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01 Nov 2016

RE: Misuse of GMCI Corporation’s Name and Information
On behalf of GMCI Corporation, we are hereby to inform that the following companies has no relation to GMCI...

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