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Xiyuan Hotel

Xiyuan Hotel (西园酒店) @ Dongguan in the Guangdong Province, China is a new boutique hotel under the Shenzen-based, Heng Yue Group. The project that bears the neoclassical vintage hotel concept is expected to provide a fashionable, quality, quiet, and cost-effective space to its patrons.

Heng Yue Group businesses cover the real estate, hotel industry, electronics & animation industry, and breeding industry. With the diversified business portfolio, four subsidiaries were established that form the Heng Yue Group. The subsidiaries are located in Dongguan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Shanwei. The Group strives to become a multi-industry, cross-branding, and multinational enterprise group which features core competitiveness and to create a "high-efficient, safe, scientific and human-oriented" great cause!

Xiyuan Hotel is expected to open for business from November 2016. The hotel is well situated in night market area (known as the hometown of Chinese folk arts) of Gumei Xiyuan in Machong Town. Relying on the details and prosperity of the Xiyuan night market (built in Ming Dynasty), back to the Ecological Wetland Park of Huayang Lake and next to Xinhua College of Zhongshan University, the hotel is one of the theme-based serial hotels which are built by Heng Yue with huge investment. The 9 storey hotel has a total building area of about 6000 m2. All the rooms are equipped with full sets of furniture carefully designed by famous designers so as to provide customers with careful, considerate and heart-warming steward type service based on the service standards of starred hotels. Among other nearby attractions to the hotel include the eco-hydraulic engineering of Huayang Lake, waterside leisure and tourism area of Ecological Wetland Park of Huayang Lake, which is known as one of Guangdong’s Most Beautiful Wetland Park.