Investor FAQs

When was GMCI Corporation established?

Who is GMCI Corporation?

What does GMCI Corporation do?

What is GMCI Corporation’s stock code, and on what exchange do its shares trade?

How do I buy or sell common shares of GMCI Corporation?

Where is GMCI Corporation’s Headquarter in South-East Asia located?

Where is GMCI Corporation’s office in the United States located?

Why GMCI Corporation is listed in the United States?

What is OTC (Over-the-Counter)?

What is Nasdaq Stock Market?

What is GMCI Corporation’s business identification number?

Who is the Company’s independent registered public account firm?

Who is the Company’s securities counsel?

When can I get the share certificate?

What if I lost my share certificate?

When do the 12 months lock-in period start?

How are Non-American citizens charged and taxed?

Upon successful transaction of listing units, how to plough back the return to own local bank account? How long does it take?

When is the annual financial statement to be reported?

When will GMCI Corporation’s next earnings release occur?

Does GMCI Corporation pay a dividend?

Who is GMCI Corporation’s transfer agent?

How can I contact GMCI Corporation to get more information?