DEWS Ipoh Outlet Launch


07 Mar

07 Mar 2017      GMCI

DEWS Ipoh Outlet Launch

Biosecret Beauty Wellness (Bio Wellness), a member of GMCI Corporation together with Era Estetika, officially have launched the De Era Wellness Specialist (DEWS) Signature Outlet in an exclusive site of Bercham, the first and largest aesthetic spa in Ipoh on the 7 March 2017. About 100 respective guests attended the launch.  

Combining stunning interior design, the latest aesthetic equipment and technologies with professional team of aesthetic doctors and therapists, DEWS is now offering its advanced aesthetic and wellness services.

During the launch, DEWS also introduced its Signature Solution Packages, specifically formulated by doctors for two different gender segments, For HIM and For HER. DEWS is focusing on 360° Total Wellness approach and provides the latest innovations in non- invasive treatments such as anti-aging & cosmetic treatments, scar & sun damage management, acne & problematic skin treatments, weight management (fat dissolving) treatments, DPL hair removal services, hair rejuvenation treatments, as well as wellness solutions.

DEWS outlet @ Bercham has a perfect environment for relaxing, occupies 13 rooms, including Super VIP room that equipped with Jacuzzi and Aqua Bed, VIP rooms, couple rooms and regular rooms. The outlet is easily accessible from the North-South Expressway and major roads in Ipoh.
Experience a new “YOU” in the hands of professional team at a conducive environment here at DEWS.


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