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Currently listed in OTC (Over-The-Counter) Market, GMCI is well on its plan to be listed in the NASDAQ Composite Index soon.

The appointment of dedicated trustee corporations

It is of GMCI's aim to provide the best protection to its shareholders and also to minimize the costs involved while streamlining the tedious administrative and legal process. To do so, GMCI has evaluated few trustee corporations around the region. The focused nature of business, competitive operational costs, business size, and market exposures are among the key selection criteria for GMCI to appoint the trustee corporations. Ultimately, the advantages and savings of using a trustee corporation will be passed on to the shareholders.

As a shareholder of GMCI, each of them has the privilege to create a private trust with GMCI’s Trust Structure. The benefits of having a private trust are immense. Case in point, the Settlor (the person who created the private trust) has a higher degree of privacy to deal with its distribution of wealth & assets as none of the documents are made public compared to wills.

To date, GMCI has appointed two dedicated trustee corporations at two different locations in order to extend the financial service convenience to its shareholders:
⦁ My Premier Trustee (M) Berhad in Malaysia
⦁ Victory Global Trustee Company Limited in Hong Kong

About My Premier Trustee (M) Berhad

MY PREMIER TRUSTEE (MALAYSIA) BERHAD (Company No. 719395-T) (“MY Premier“) was registered as an independent licensed Trust Corporation as defined under the Trust Companies Act 1949 on October 25, 2007 whose key management comprises trust law specialists, actuarist and finance experts.
MY Premier’s success story began as a boutique trust corporation which progressed to be the highest appointed trustee in relation to Investment based Interest Schemes involving total fund size exceeding RM1 billion and growing. It further provides its trust services for time-sharing schemes as well as golf club memberships in Malaysia.

Further, MY Premier under its spectrum of trust services acts as a wealth management hub for premier individuals, families and corporations for asset protection, multi generation wealth management and succession planning.

For more information, log on towww.mpt.com.my

About Victory Global Trustee Company Limited

VICTORY GLOBAL TRUSTEE COMPANY LIMITED (VGT) was incorporated on 1 of August in 2014. Headquartered in Hong Kong, VGT is a registered trust company under Section 79 of the Trustee Ordinance (Chapter 29) of Hong Kong. It is a sister company to Victory Financial Group Company Limited and Victory Securities Company Limited.

The trust company specializes in assisting local and overseas business entitles with their corporate and secretarial matters. We offer independent trustee, fiduciary and corporate services to both individuals and businesses. Its services are also available in Mainland China through its representative offices in major cities such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou.

VGT’s team consists of professionals who are experienced in the following fields:
⦁ Investment
⦁ Corporate financial planning
⦁ Insurance
⦁ Certified tax planning.

Apart from the in-house professionals, VGT also works closely with a number of other professional service providers, including accounting and audit firms, investment banks, and private banks such that their clients will enjoy a diversification of products and services.

Besides in Hong Kong, VGT can also assist clients to set up and manage Trusts in different jurisdictions such as the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Channel Islands, New Zealand, Samoa, Singapore, etc. The features and advantages of Trusts among these jurisdictions can be very different due to local laws and regulations. Thus, VGT aims to provide the most appropriate advice to clients in order to achieve their long-term and short-term goals.

VGT’s mission is to provide flexible and effective services to clients at a reasonable cost, and strive to achieve this by placing the clients’ benefits as the first priority. The trust company believes that every client is unique, and that only specialized and tailor-made services could cater to his/her preferences and needs. Therefore, VGT upholds the customer-oriented philosophy which encourages them to weed through the old to bring forth the new.

For more information, log on towww.victoryfg.com.hk/en/trustee/trustee-profile