SBS Mining Corporation


SBS Mining Corporation

SBS Mining Corporation Sdn Bhd: A mining company which currently focuses on bauxite trading and sea sand mining. SBS is actively exporting bauxite internationally with China being its biggest customer.

SBS Mining Corporation Malaysia Sdn Bhd (SBS) is a private limited incorporated company established in 2008. The company specializes in trading of bauxite and sea sand mining.

Our Assets

Sea Sand Mining

SBS is ventured into sea sand mining back in August 2017 whereby we acquired a total area of 383 km² sand reserve located in Peninsular Malaysia. It is estimated that there are 766 million meter cube of sand pile stocks for land reclamation purpose, local and export.

Such venture makes SBS an important key player in mining industry as the demand for sand has skyrocketed in all parts of the world for mostly industrial and land reclamation purposes. According to United Nations International Trade Statistics Database (UN COMTRADE), international trade value has increased almost six folds in the last 25 years.

Our Strategic Business Partner:
BH Natural Resources Company Limited


Currently, SBS is fully focused on the trading of bauxite due to overwhelming demand from China. SBS has stock piles of raw bauxite occupying 13.5 acres of space at the following locations:

Locations of the Mining Area:
Beserah, Kuantan, State Of Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia 5 acres
Size of the Mining Area:
5 acres
Locations of the Mining Area:
Kemaman, State Of Terengganu Darul Iman, Malaysia
Size of the Mining Area:
5.5 acres (outside port) / 3 acres (inside port)

The partnership with Kemaman Port Consortium allows SBS to export bauxite on a monthly. The biggest clients for bauxite are from China.

Partnership with GMCI

As GMCI recognized the huge potential of SBS especially due to the right timing of entry into the bauxite business, on March 2015, GMCI has entered into a Share Exchange Agreement with all of the shareholders of SBS.