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GMCI Corporation (GMCI) is an investment holding group incorporated in Nevada, United States with valuable assets in the form of companies acquired throughout the Asian region, focusing on 6 main sectors deemed to be sustainably profitable, providing consistent attractive returns to its shareholders.


The sector is currently focusing on large scale mining of major minerals such as gold, bauxite, iron ore, and coal. These minerals eventually replaced Malaysia’s tin mining domination during the golden era of the 70-80s. The global mining sector is estimated to worth about USD 402 billion in 2015.

Property Development

The Malaysian property development sector boomed in the past few years, despite a slow-down experienced in last two years. However, in 2016, things are expected to improve as people are warming up to the idea of purchasing properties. Creative products and affordable price became the key concepts most developers are pursuing to lure buyers.


The Malaysian manufacturing sector output has been consistently registering positive growth. The strong export leader within the sector comes from the machinery, appliances and parts segments. In fact, the segment is one of the important growth areas outlined in the 11th Malaysia Plan, as it affects many other areas of the economy.

Beauty & wellness

Wellness is the wave and lifestyle trend of the new millennium and Malaysia should seize every opportunity to become the wellness destination in Asia by promoting a new way of living. In Malaysia, the spa and wellness industry is increasingly growing in the past 10 years. The beauty & wellness market is estimated to worth about USD 1 trillion globally.


Malaysia’s education sector has grown tremendously during the past decade and is fast becoming a centre of educational excellence in the region. Malaysia currently houses more than 100,000 international students from more than 100 countries. Many students choose to study in Malaysia as the country provides ideal gateway to develop their Asian network and relationship.  

Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) is the key for many businesses to expand globally. Among the common services in IT investments include Hardware and software consultancies, Database activities, Content development, Internet-based business application services, Provision of e-commerce services/solutions, System integration, Operation of call centres and centralised help-lines, etc.

Other than the 6 main sectors, GMCI may consider other sectors as long as it meets its investing criteria:

Investing criteria:

01 /
Companies with business that are riding on the right growth trend
02 /
Companies with healthy Net Tangible Assets (NTA) for sustainability
03 /
Combination of solid cash flow positions with appreciating market values
04 /
Undergo a 6-month due diligence assessment
05 /
Other criteria subject to GMCI's investment portfolio guidelines

GMCI’s ultimate purpose is to maximize shareholders’ returns with these simple, but complex approaches:

Growing its investment portfolio by beefing up its core value (mostly from Net Tangible Assets). By identifying companies which meet GMCI’s investment guidelines, GMCI will inject additional working capital and/or human resources from its extensive global networks.

Attracting investors worldwide by promoting the company’s shares via investor’s education and through its international authorized agencies.

Getting itself listed in a robust, international stock market index (NASDAQ) for global exposure.

In addition to maximizing shareholders’ returns, GMCI has also appointed a Trustee Corporation to safeguard shareholders interest by binding them to a Trust Deed. This ensures that the funds are fully protected and being utilized for intended purposes.